AGC and ICS -- Re-Building Michigan!!










Welcome Fellow AGC-Michigan Member
In early 2009, ICS -- the International Center for Scheduling -- moved to Rochester Hills, Michigan from Colorado ... for humanitarian as well as strategic reasons. 
Why We Moved to Michigan

Back in 2008, we were knee-deep in development of ICS-Institute, and what we believe to be the country’s (and possibly the world’s) first construction scheduling school. There we sat in our cozy corporate offices, nestled among towering spruce trees in the Denver foothills at 8500 feet ... watching the national news. Night after night, we despaired over the terrible, seemingly unending loss of jobs in Michigan and nearby states.  We wondered if there was anything we could do ... no matter how small.  

A Win-Win Situation

What better place to base such a Scheduler's Boot Camp, we thought.  After all, the entire point of ICS-Institute was to create a comprehensive training program to "grow the next generation of construction schedulers." Our concept had been to assume the student would have NO prior knowledge of construction processes, project management concepts, or formal scheduling.

When the idea hit, it seemed so obvious!

  • First, the sad reality was that thousands of automotive engineers were suddenly and seriously contemplating a wholesale change in career paths altogether. 
  • Second, engineers, by their very nature and training, have the perfect disposition and skills sets to make excellent schedulers.
  • Third, because the training programs we were developing involved partnership with local contractors, we would be able to provide top-drawer scheduling products and services to Michigan contractors at a fraction of what we would charge elsewhere in the country.
  • Fourth, we would be hiring personnel – trainers, schedulers, recruiters, consultants, etc. – and this would mean new jobs for the region.

As we saw it, moving to Michigan was a win-win situation.

Let's Help Each Other -- Shall We?

Our plans for the Scheduler's Boot Camp involve students working on real, live schedules. That's where our partnership -- you and ICS -- comes into play. Do you have project scheduling needs that exceed your in-house capability? If so, then why not let ICS-Scheduling help you out? Because you will be a ICS Development Partner, you will receive our services at a fraction of the ordinary cost. We help you ... and you help us!

In fact, for a limited time and exclusively for AGC Michigan members, we are offering significant discounts on ALL of our products and services. Out intent is to introduce you to ICS. We are your neighbors, and we are here to stay. So, with this special page on our web site, we are reaching out to our fellow AGC Michigan colleagues.  We want you to know that if it has anything to do with construction scheduling … we can help!

  • ICS-Scheduling provides scheduling products and services.
  • ICS-Training provides practical and affordable training, tailored to your company’s specific needs.
  • ICS-Placement, our search firm, can help you find that elusive planner or scheduler.
  • ICS-Network is a consortium of independent, pre-qualified scheduling consultants that spans the country.
  • ICS-Institute is home to the Scheduler’s Boot Camp, an online program designed to grow the next generation of construction schedulers.
For More Information
For more information, write us at AGCMichigan@ICS-Global.com.