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The Ultimate Desk Reference for Construction Project Time Management
Not Just Another Partial Treatment of a Very Broad and Complex Subject

The bookstores are filled with volumes on Project Time Management. Do we really need another authoritative treatise? The answer is that none of the existing books provide a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of Construction Project Time Management.

  • Some books attempt to speak to multiple industries (construction being but one), and in so doing they are forced to generalize their content to the point that it no of little practical use for any one industry.
  • Some books deal with construction scheduling, but overlook or omit discussion of construction planning.
  • Some books contain only high-level standards for the scheduling practice, and even then water down their content in order to be of limited value to "most projects most of the time."
  • Some books contain a collection of suggested or recommended practices, but make limiting assumptions about the possible uses of the project schedule and the conditions under which it will function.
  • Some books provide scheduling software training, but don't speak about the human aspect of schedule design, development, maintenance, and usage.
  • Some books discuss scheduling in the context of dispute avoidance and resolution, and claims preparation and defense, all the while downplaying or ignoring the schedule's role as a project management tool..
  • Some books offer glossaries, while others do not. Of those to do contain glossaries, definitions between are conflicting, confusing, and often simply incorrect.
  • Most books adopt their own set of terms, and role labels, and there is no consistency between books that one can infer as being the standard. Even the major prevailing "standards" type documents contain conflicting definitions and role labels.

You get the point.

All Under One Cover
The ICS Scheduling Compendium stands as a one-of-a-kind desk reference that covers all essential aspects of the construction Scheduling Practice.

Roles: The Compendium introduces an original set of job descriptions, specialization labels, and associated skills sets specifically intended for the construction Scheduling Practice.

Terminology: The Compendium offers, for the first time ever, a validated set of arcane terms that are correct, current, and relate seamlessly with one another. And it retires old terminology no longer in use, such as obsolete words related to the Arrow DIagramming Method.

Formulas: The Compendium sets forth the mathematical underpinning of the Critical Path Method in a way that is consistent with the Terminology, thereby providing guidelines for software developers to standardize their algorithms.

Concepts: The Compendium presents a coherent set of principles and concepts that effectively tie theory to practice, aimed at three distinct audiences: the Owner/Executive; the Project Manager; and, the Scheduling Practitioner.

Guiding Principles and Performance Standards: The Compendium contains the specific guidelines, thresholds, and parameters in accordance with which all ICS components abide. For example, ICS-Scheduling performs scheduling according to these guiding principles and performance standards. Similarly, ICS-licensed trainers and consultants adhere to, and advocate, these same principles and standards. ICS-Scoring and ICS-Specifications employ these principles and standards in their algorithms and contract language.

The Epicenter of ICS

The Scheduling Compendium, once completed, will be at the very epicenter of all ICS operations. For example:

  • ICS-Institute will train Apprentice Schedulers according to the Compendium.

  • ICS-Training will develop current Practitioners according to the Compendium.

  • ICS-Certification will test against Compendium content.

  • ICS-Scheduling will provide direct support services and consulting services based on the Compendium.

  • ICS-Publications will approve only those literary works whose content is compatible with Compendium content.

  • ICS-Scoring will be based on the mathematics of the Compendium.

  • ICS-Specifications will impose Project Schedule and Scheduling Program performance requirements that are derived from the Compendium.