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We Know a Scheduler When We See One!

Job searching and candidate recruitment in the narrow field of Project Time Management has been a major frustration for both Practitioners and Employers alike, for as long as we can remember.

For the candidate, there have been two primary challenges: finding the opportunities, and distinguishing yourself from the competition.Finding job openings has usually meant scouring the trade magazines, online job boards, software vendor web sites, personal networking, etc. But the bigger problem has always been having to explain your unique qualifications to a headhunter who doesn't have the foggiest idea what a Project Time Management practitioner does, or that there actually is a difference between a Planner and a Scheduler!

The Employer, too, suffers from the ignorance of the matchmaker: a third-party recruiter that doesn't understand construction, project management, or Project Time Management. In real pratice, most headhunters rely heavily on computer keyword searches that eliminate candidates who might actually be an excellent match.

Addressing these recruitment nightmares is one of the main reasons we created ICS-Placement in the first place. Our core philosophy is simply, "it takes one to know one." Hence. all of our recruiters have extensive experience in construction project management, and Construction Project Time Management.

Construction Industry's Toughest Eligibility Screening Process

We are proud to offer the construction industry's toughest screening process, designed to assess each applicant's knowledge and experience in four key areas: Critical Path Method, Scheduling Practice, Construction Means and Methods, and Computer Agility. Our Eligibility Screening process involves three components: Extensive Phone Interview, Online Skills Assessment testing, and our patented Applicant Profile.


Phone Interview: We begin the process by conducting a 250-question, 45-minute Phone Interview with the hopeful candidate. The questions are designed to identify and capture insights into the candidate's abilities, experience, desires, ambitions, requirements, and more.

Skills Assessment Testing: Next, the candidate is asked to complete a four-part, online Skills Assessment examination, which quantitatively assesses the candidate's knowledge in four key areas: CPM, Scheduling, Construction, and Business Software. Skills Assessment testing usually takes about two hours for the candidate to complete.

Applicant Profile: Finally, each candidate referral that we send to a client is accompanied by both the candidate's resume and our patented six-page Applicant Profile. The Applicant Profile provides notes, graphs, tables, and over 300 pieces of raw data about the individual, and is a compilation of all that was learned from the Phone Interview, the Skills Assessment testing, and the individual's supporting documents, including his/her resume.

By better understanding the Practitioner, combined with a parallel Employer Needs Assessment, we are confident that recommended matches will be long-lasting, rewarding, and cost-effective.
ICS Competency Ranking

Upon completion of our comprehensive Eligibility Screening process, each candidate is objectively ranked at to level of competency: Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, Manager, Trainer, or Consultant. The candidate receives a numeric score that can be used by the client to compare and contrast multiple applicants, on an apple-to-apple basis.

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