Full Service Scheduling Consultancy

MISSION STATEMENT: ICS-Scheduling will provide project-specific planning and scheduling products and services that are guaranteed to supply the Project Manager with timely, accurate, insightful, and worthwhile information not otherwise available or accessible. All scheduling products and services (a) will exceed contract requirements, (b) will reflect an attractive cost-benefit ratio, (c) will communicate information in a readily intuitive manner, (d) will discourage disputes and foster an atmosphere of synergistic collaboration and cooperation among project participants, and (e) will aggressively facilitate the successful achievement of all time-related goals. Learn more...

And now ICS-Scheduling is proud to offer yet another first-of-a-kind service for the Construction Project Time Management, the ICS SLIDE Squad -- a corps of ready-to-travel, senior-level schedulers who slide onto a new project, set up the project schedule, turn it over to the Contractor ’s scheduling staff to maintain and use, and then slide off the project. SLIDE stands for "Senior-Level, Immediately-Deployable Experts." Learn more...

COMPONENT DESCRIPTION: All construction planning and scheduling services provided by ICS-Scheduling shall be in accordance with the ICS-Compendium, a multi-volume set of concepts, principles, standards, best practices, required operating procedures, and terminology. If either a project’s contract or its Owner’s edicts prohibit Compendium-quality products and services, ICS-Scheduling will decline the assignment. Compendium-based scheduling is characterized by (a) quicker and easier schedule development, (b) schedules that are lean and robust, and (c) schedule performance that is more coherent, relevant, and field-oriented. Scheduling under the ICS-Compendium is compatible with what it calls Cognitive Project Management, a philosophy that focuses management attention on what is known and reasonably expected, and less on retrospective trending exercises.
Implementation Expertise

ICS-Scheduling offers broad and comprehensive expertise in all facets of Scheduling Practice implementation. ICS-Scheduling is staffed by construction Scheduling Practitioners at all levels of the spectrum, from Apprentice Scheduler to Testifying Expert. ICS-Scheduling provides staff augmentation, consulting, preventive oversight, and our one-of-a-kind Scheduler's Lifeline.

Staff Augmentation

ICS-Scheduling is proud of its cadre of Scheduling Practitioners, ready to hit the road on a moment's notice, in order to fill any assignment, whether temporary or permanent, and whether seconded to your payroll, loaned from our payroll, or brokered contract laborers. These talented folks are able to perform the full range of services associated with the Scheduling Practice.

We are especially proud of our recently introduced ICS SLIDE Squad, a corps of ready-to-travel, senior-level schedulers who can jump onto a new project, set up the project schedule*, and then turn it over to the client’s scheduling staff for ongoing maintenance. For more information, see ICS SLIDE Squad.

Consulting Services

Another popular category within ICS-Scheduling are our consulting services. We can help companies (owners, contractors, design professionals, sureties, construction managers) of any size to develop or improve their in-house Project Time Management capabilities. Setting up a Scheduling Department for the first time requires special expertise that not every Project Time Management Practitioner has, because there is much more to organizational development than what is involved in merely producing and maintaining a project schedule. We can help with initial planning, staffing, standardizing procedures, training, software selection, corporate rollout, and long-term oversight.

Preventive Oversight
The best time to stop a claim is before it starts. The best time to stop a delay is before it happens. Many of our clients find comfort in having our most seasoned experts monitor their projects from a distance, offering timely advice (as the first hints of trouble arise) on how to mitigate or avoid troubles down the road. Our Big Brother program allows us to transparently monitor project communications, and offer helpful advice if we see the need, or if contacted by your project management for input.
Scheduler Lifeline
Schedulers typically work alone, not alongside other Practitioners. This makes it difficult for them to brainstorm with colleagues on a technical level, keep abreast of the latest advancements in the Practice, or learn from one another. Employers pay, unnecessarily, for frequently recreated wheels. With the Scheduler Lifeline program, Practitioners have timely and thorough interaction with and support from the ICS-Scheduling "technical help desk."
For More Information
For more information, write to us at ICS-Scheduling@ICS-Global.com.