Corporate Training by Seasoned Professionals
MISSION STATEMENT: ICS-Training will improve the quality of construction planning and scheduling products and services provided anywhere in the world through a variety of programs, including education, training, and consulting. COMPONENT DESCRIPTION: Under ICS-Training, both individuals and companies can satisfy their educational and developmental needs in the area of construction planning and scheduling, through a selection of coursework, seminars, and tailored consulting.
Advanced Instruction for Practitioners

To clarify: ICS-Institute is committed to supplying a steady stream of entry-level (apprentice) schedulers to meet growing demand within the construction industry for new blood. By contrast, ICS-Training will focus on improving the quality of Project Time Management practitioners, whether they are already working in the Scheduling Practice, or are Project Managers or Superintendents who create and use their own schedules.

Variety of Training Options
ICS-Training will offer an impressive variety of training options, including: public and client-based seminars, Internet webinars, DVDs and CDs, audio and video cassettes, self-paced and self-administered texts and workbooks, online courses, and more.
Broad Scope of Coverage

Training programs and materials will be available for:

  • All Practitioner Types: Planners, Schedulers, Analysts

  • All Competency Levels: Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, Manager

  • Non-Practitioners: Owners, Project Managers, Consultants, Trainers, Lawyers, Sureties, Judges, etc.

Straight Talk Series of Seminars

We are proud to announce that we are putting finishing touches on our Straight Talk Series of seminars, designed to forego political correctness and boldly inform the emperor that he is naked! Knowing what works, and what doesn't work, translate into a richer bottom line, and projects that are run more efficiently, with less conflict, and overall greater success.

  • Straight Talk for Owners: The #1 cause of projects missing their contractual completion dates is owner ignorance. How is that for tact? The owner does more to delay the project than any other party to the project.

  • Straight Talk for Project Managers: The #2 cause of projects missing their contractual completion dates is project manager ignorance. Consistently, project managers fail to demand what is possible from their project schedule, and instead ask for what is impossible to deliver. Ignorance is not bliss.

  • Straight Talk for Scheduling Apprentices: We are seeing an epidemic of under-qualified junior schedulers. And since more than half of the schedules in operation in the construction industry are either created and/or maintained by junior schedulers, the need for these novice schedulers to relearn (or learn) the basics is essential. Ignorance of CPM basics, scheduling basics, and even construction basics are killing our schedules!

  • Straight Talk for Scheduling Journeymen : Even journeymen-level Schedulers cannot seem to agree on basic methodology, notwithstanding the latest rush of credentials and standards. That is because those recent standards and best practices do not comport with what schedulers in the trenches know works, or doesn't work. There are so many conflicting concepts and philosophies floating around, it is difficult to know what is right.

  • Straight Talk for Scheduling Masters: Seemingly "seasoned" schedulers have been hoodwinked by the runaway institutions pushing credentials and sweeping concepts that have yet to show that they are worth the incredible cost of application. Statistics show that Earned Value, Critical Chain, Earned Schedule, and a variety of other project management "breakthroughs" have yet to stem the tide of projects finishing beyond their contractual deadlines. It is high time that the elite within the Scheduling Practice meet face-to-face to rewrite the ideology of our discipline.

For More Information
For more information, write to us at ICS-Training@ICS-Global.com.