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“As founding Director of the Project Management Institute’s Scheduling Excellence Initiative, my role afforded me a unique vantage point from which to survey the contemporaneous landscape of Construction Project Time Management across the globe. What I observed then – and what still persists today was a patchwork of mostly incompatible, inadequate and ineffective products and services.

“It was then that I had this vision of a single resource that would offer fully integrated, meticulously consistent, and highly effective marketplace options. Now, fifteen years later, construction Owners, Contractors and other consumers of Project Time Management products, services, tools, and personnel can obtain a wide variety of top shelf solutions to their Construction Project Time Management challenges under one roof. I am so proud of ICS-Global for having eliminated most of those gaps and deficiencies.”

Introducing ICS-Global

ICS-Global is a one-stop resource for both consumers and providers of Construction Project Time Management (“PTM”) products, services, tools, and personnel. Our innovative improvements advance on four interrelated fronts: Direct Support Services; Training and Education; Synergy and Collaboration; and, Research and Development.

No More Hodge-Podge Patchwork

ICS-Global administers four seamlessly-integrated Business Groups which, in turn, operate sixteen Operational Divisions. All of our products, services, tools, and personnel are interconnected by way of common terminology, standards, principles, processes, and objectives. At the end of the day, Construction Project Time Management in North America has never been better served.

As the Project Goes, So Goes the Company

Here are just some of the things Project Managers deal with on a daily basis. Suffice it to say, these unsung heroes could use some help. We can help them!

And we can help you too — if you are someone who has a vested interest in how one or more projects will be, are being, have been, or should have been managed.

Let’s face it — the Project is the Contractor’s bread-and-butter: “As the project goes, so the company goes.” This means that successful achievement of intricate construction projects requires skillful execution of complicated Project Execution Strategies.  The Project Schedule is the GPS for that Project Execution. Project Time Management is all about the purposeful control of Project Momentum. That’s where we come in.

Corporate Strategy

Our corporate strategy organizes ICS-Global to be your steadfast partner in your company’s Construction Project Time Management efforts. Our mandate and commitment is to an unwavering focus on these four goals:

  • To Learn – all we can about what makes some projects successful while others fall short.
  • To Share – that knowledge with others who seek to find better ways to run their projects.
  • To Develop – new technologies, practices, and attitudes reflective of what we’ve learned.
  • To Apply – what we’ve learned and developed to real-world settings, in order to (a) prove their utility, (b) advance the state of the art, and (c) improve the lot of others.

Who We Are

ICS-Global is a full-service resource to North American Construction Owners and Contractors – specializing in development, testing, implementation, and ongoing improvement of Construction Project Time Management means, methods, policies, procedures, and technologies.

Who You Are

Anyone who has a vested interest in how construction projects will be, are being, have been, or should have been managed. We serve North American Contractors, Owners, Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, and Construction PTM Professionals (Consultants and Practitioners).

What We Do

Through four Business Groups, we provide:

  • Direct Support (ICS-Facilitation)
  • Training (ICS-Scheducation)
  • Partnering (ICS-Collaboration)
  • R&D (ICS-Innovation)

What We Believe

  1. Project Management is central to all other Construction Management functions.
  2. Projects are dynamic, not static. Accordingly, so must all Project Management processes be.
  3. Project Management boils down to Collaboration, Coordination, Cooperation, and Communication.
  4. Effective Communication viable information that is timely, accurate, useful, and succinct.
  5. Useful and reliable information must be cultivated; it doesn’t just happen.
  6. The key to potent Construction Project Time Management is maintaining a forward focus.
  7. Project Managers must think and act in a proactive, not reactive, manner.
  8. Project Time Management is measured, analyzed, and reported as Project Momentum.
  9. The full measure of a constructor organization is its ability to handle unknowns – by anticipating them, planning for them, responding to them, and compensating for them. Dilemma Forecasting is a proven technique that can help.
  10. Finally, continuous improvement is vital to a constructor’s continued profitable growth and stability.

Highly effective Construction PTM practitioners bring both technical and practical expertise to their assignments. It is hardly enough to merely be a “scheduling guru.” Only someone with both technical expertise and hands-on construction experience is likely to produce Construction PTM products and services that consistently garner praise, support, trust and — most important of all — field adoption.

We are proud to be globally recognized as thought leaders in the field of Construction PTM. But we are prouder still of our collective Construction Project Management expertise, which is both broad and deep. There is no substitute for a rich portfolio of hands-on experience on a wide diversity of project types.


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Bottom Line: “If It Has Anything to Do With Project Time Management, We’ve Got You Covered

A common complaint among consumers of Construction Project Time Management products and services is that “one company doesn’t do it all.” Claims consultants don’t do training. Recruiters haven’t done Scheduling. Authors haven’t done Planning.

Well, we heard the complaint and we did something about it. Now, with just one phone call or email, you can get any kind of help you need, if it has anything to do with Construction Project Time Management.