Introducing ICS-eCADEMY

What ICS-eCademy Is All About

The ICS-eCademy is a virtual learning environment that hosts coursework, tutorials, structured exams, and such for all ICS-Global entities. Within the ICS-eCademy, students and instructors can easily interact in a members-only environment. The ICS-eCademy is powered by TalentLMS™, a world-class Learning Management System.

Why ICS-eCademy Was Created

Even before COVID, Internet-based learning was fast becoming the preferred method for busy people who may not have time or convenient access to in-person learning. By using a virtual learning environment, ICS-Scheducation is able to reach students anywhere there is an Internet connection.

The primary design criterion for the ICS-eCademy was ease of use. We think we have accomplished that. We welcome visitors to peruse ICS-eCademy to experiment with navigational within, as well as to learn more about our offerings therein.

Whom ICS-eCademy Is Intended to Serve

The ICS-eCademy is intended to support any ICS-Global entity that offers Internet-based coursework or examinations. Currently, this includes:

  • ICS-Institute: All ICS-Institute courses are offered through the ICS-eCademy.
  • ICS-Training: While some ICS-Training programs are delivered in-person, others are not. All online training provided through ICS-Training is hosted at the ICS-eCademy.
  • ICS-Placement: A key component of ICS-Placement’s Candidate Vetting Process is administration of a set of online Skills Assessments. These are hosted at the ICS-eCademy.

How ICS-eCademy Is Organized and Functions

The ICS-eCademy is open to visitors as well as students, instructors, and administrators. Visitors can peruse course catalogs, course descriptions, and sign up for courses. Students and teachers can interact with one another on a per-course basis, or in study groups. Assigned Usernames and Passwords ensure complete security.