What ICS-Certification Is All About

ICS-Certification will offer a range of Construction Project Time Management credentials spanning all Construction PTM roles and all levels of competence. Our credentialing differentiates between Planners and Schedulers, as well as between Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. ICS-Certification differs starkly from other credentialing entities that offer popular Scheduling certifications:

  • As a certifying body, ICS alone is comprised exclusively of Construction PTM practitioners.
  • ICS alone bases its certification exams on self-published Construction PTM study materials.
  • ICS alone offers separate credentials for construction Planners, and Schedulers.

These distinctions make our credentials far more relevant for Construction PTM in North America. Our motive for offering any certifications is not to make money. Instead, it is to provide you with a credible and trusted way of quickly evaluating Construction PTM practitioners whose abilities would otherwise be uncertain to you.

Why ICS-Certification Was Created

Shakespeare assures us that, “a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” In other words, labels don’t define us. But is that entirely true — especially in business? Properly descriptive labels help us understand the nature, scope, and role of a employment position. Without a clear understanding of expectations for a given role –in terms of skills, experience, and knowledge — how are Construction PTM practitioners to be evaluated, assigned, or challenged to achieve their greatest potential?

More than a decade ago, ICS-Research made incontrovertible that construction Planners and Schedulers perform different functions and draw on different skills, knowledge, and experience. Furthermore, within either discipline, degrees of competence dramatically affect one’s ability to perform. Accordingly, ICS-Certification’s development team agreed that “Planners” and “Schedulers” should have separate credentials.

We also concluded that there should be different credentials for practitioners, managers, trainers, and consultants. Practitioners are further offered Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master certifications.

Whom ICS-Certification Is Intended to Serve

The value of professional credentials is well appreciated in the business world. As Owners, Contractors, and other consumers of Construction PTM products and services come to better understand the distinctions between Construction Planners and Construction Schedulers, they will appreciate having two different credentials.

For their part, Construction PTM provides know that career growth depends in large part on effectively promote their unique skills. Having distinct certifications for practitioners, managers, trainers, and consultants really assist with that marketing.

How ICS-Certification Is Organized and Functions

While we reserve the right to change our minds, our current plan is to develop the following credentials:

  • ICPL1: ICS-Certified Construction Planning Apprentice
  • ICPL2: ICS-Certified Construction Planning Journeyman
  • ICPL3: ICS-Certified Construction Planning Master
  • ICPL4: ICS-Certified Construction Planning Manager
  • ICPL5: ICS-Certified Construction Planning Trainer
  • ICPL6: ICS-Certified Construction Planning Consultant
  • ICSC1: ICS-Certified Construction Scheduling Apprentice
  • ICSC2: ICS-Certified Construction Scheduling Journeyman
  • ICSC3: ICS-Certified Construction Scheduling Master
  • ICSC4: ICS-Certified Construction Scheduling Manager
  • ICSC5: ICS-Certified Construction Scheduling Trainer
  • ICSC6: ICS-Certified Construction Scheduling Consultant
  • ICTM1: ICS-Certified Construction PTM Apprentice
  • ICTM2: ICS-Certified Construction PTM Journeyman
  • ICTM3: ICS-Certified Construction PTM Master
  • ICTM4: ICS-Certified Construction PTM Manager
  • ICTM5: ICS-Certified Construction PTM Trainer
  • ICTM6: ICS-Certified Construction PTM Consultant