Introducing ICS-NETWORK

What ICS-Network Is All About

ICS-Network is an association of seasoned, fully-vetted Construction Project Time Management Consultants from across North America who synergistically benefit themselves and those who hire them through collaborative association.

Warranted by ICS-Global, all products and services provided by ICS-Network Affiliate companies carry performance guarantees to be timely, cost-effective, thorough, and professional. To ensure compliance with ICS-Protocols standards, all products and services will be supervised and managed by IQ Consultants (ICS-Qualified), who are professionals that have been certified to possess the highest levels of construction planning and scheduling skill, knowledge, experience, professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

Why ICS-Network Was Created

Back in 1975, what was meant to be Project Manager varied by industry, geographic region, and company practices, individual skill and training, and so forth. Frustrated by this pig-in-a-poke situation when having to hire a Construction Manager or General Contractor, a handful of Fortune 500 companies founded the Project Management Institute. A primary goal was to bring consistency and standardization to the field of Project Management.

Fast-forward 45 years and the ICS-Network development team recognized the same challenges with respect to Construction Project Time Management. The solution was the ICS-Protocols, a seminal work that standardizes terminology, roles, principles, processes, procedures, and ethics codes.

To become an ICS-Network Affiliate, an existing Construction PTM consulting company must pass financial, legal, and character background checks, and must have and maintain on their staff at least one IQ-Consultant. Every IQ-Consultant must complete an exhaustive Eligibility Screening that effectively eliminates all but the highest scoring, most qualified construction planning and scheduling practitioners.

All Network Affiliates agree to: (a) pre-negotiated billing rates, (b) share business leads and opportunities, as well as joint venture, with other Network Affiliates, (c) defer to ICS-Global in disputes with ICS-Network clients over products and services produced by Network Affiliates, and (d) abide by the ICS Code of Standards and Ethics.

Whom ICS-Network Is Intended to Serve

Benefits to Construction PTM Consumers (“Clients”)

Benefits provided by ICS-Network to Construction PTM consumers include: Selection, Quality, Service, and Value:


  • Largest pool of qualified Construction Project Time Management consultants in North America.
  • “Chemistry Ain’t Right” exchange policy. Don’t like one Network Affiliate, ask for another!


  • All Network Affiliates pre-qualified by ICS-Global for knowledge and experience.
  • Consultant expertise with all leading scheduling software.
  • Consultant expertise in over 20 different construction project types.


  • “21-Day In the Saddle” Guarantee.
  • Uniform contracts ready to use.
  • Pre-negotiated consultant billing rates.
  • Client-Network Affiliate dispute mediation by ICS-Global.
  • Multi-Project/Single Call services solution.
  • Standardized, detailed invoicing.
  • Uniform processes on all projects, per ICS-Protocols.
  • Apples-to-apples project reporting, across North America.


  • All ICS-Network Affiliates battle-tested.
  • No training requirements.
  • All ICS-Network Affiliates able, ready, and eager to start.
  • No protracted recruitment ordeal.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Benefits to Construction PTM Providers (“Network Affiliates”)

Benefits provided by ICS-Network to Construction PTM providers include: Business Development, Greater Profitability, Passive Income Stream, and Reduced Risk:

Business Development

  • Receive ICS-Network Assignments.
  • Receive referrals from other ICS-Network Affiliates.
  • Joint-venturing with other ICS-Network Affiliates.

Greater Profitability

  • Reduced or eliminated down time (flattening “feast or famine” bell curve).
  • High annual yield, due to higher contract rates.
  • Reduced marketing costs.
  • Invoice Buyout program. Payment within fourteen days.

Passive Income Stream

  • Client referral residual income.
  • Colleague referral residual income.

Reduced Risk

  • Network Affiliate scope of work certified by ICS-Network.
  • Network provides Client/Consultant dispute mediation.
  • Numerous technical support options through ICS-GlobalStaff, ICS-League, ICS-Scheduling, and other Network Affiliates.

How ICS-Network Is Organized and Functions

ICS-Network processes are designed to connect Construction PTM consumers and providers based on the Client’s project needs.


  • Potential Client contacts ICS-Global via phone, email, contact form.
  • An ICS-Network representative performs a Client Needs Phone Interview.
  • From our Network Affiliates database, we identify three to five who have commensurate credentials.


  • We forward you a blind Consultant Profile, so that you can evaluate the proposed consultant, even before signing a contract with ICS-Network.
  • Three contracts are involved in an ICS-Network engagement.
  • An agreement, between ICS-Network and the Client establishes the responsibilities and protections of each party.
  • There is an agreement between the Client and the ICS-Network Affiliate.
  • Finally, there is an agreement between the Network Affiliate and ICS-Network.


  • With contracts signed, the identity of the Network Affiliate is provided.
  • The three entities work through the wording of the Network Affiliate’s Scope of Work.
  • As a critical first step, this procedure clarifies what the Network Affiliate promises to deliver, and confirms that the Client’s expectations are commensurate.


  • With Scope of Work hashed out, the Network Affiliate begins work on the project.
  • The Network Affiliate will has a direct contractual relationship with the Client, who “holds” his contract.
  • The role ICS-Network plays is that of “Scheduling Manager,” similar to a Construction Manager that monitors the work of a General Contractor but is not contractually responsible for the contractor’s performance.


  • Network Affiliate invoices pass through ICS-Network for validation before submittal to the Client for payment.
  • The Client pays ICS-Network which, in turn, pays the Network Affiliate.
  • Through this mechanism, ICS-Network receives its compensation and also pays any referral fees, as appropriate.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • If the Client and Network Affiliate become unhappy with one another, ICS-Network will attempt to mediate a resolution between the parties.
  • If this proves impossible, ICS-Network and the Client will contractually release the Network Affiliate, and another Network Affiliate will be proposed.