Construction Project Time Management requires the practical application of selected Project Time Management principles, concepts, processes, tools, and personnel to real world construction conditions and needs. ICS-Facilitation is the business group within ICSGlobal that helps its clients (Owners, Contractors, Consultants) consistently achieve superior project outcomes.

ICS-Facilitation’s Contribution to Construction Project Time Management

No matter the industry, successful Project Management always boils down to four PM Performance Requirements: Collaboration, Coordination, Cooperation, and Communication. This explains why Project Time Management is central to overall Project Management. Its key work product, the Project Schedule, facilitates all four PM Performance Requirements .

ICS-Facilitation, the flagship business group within ICS-Global that has ultimate oversight responsibility for all client products and services, is staffed by our most qualified and experienced construction project management members. Collectively, they have had hands-on experience on over 225 construction projects worldwide, across 37 distinct project types valued at over $24 billion. Couple their construction experience with their Project Time Management expertise and you are getting the best possible support for your company’s Construction PTM initiatives.

ICS-Facilitation’s Operational Divisions

Client requests for Construction PTM assistance can be divided into two general categories — Per-Project and Multi-Project/Corporate. We created ICS-Scheduling to handle per-project support services. ICS-Consulting attends to multi-project or corporate needs for guidance and support in developing better Construction PTM in-house.

ICS-Scheduling provide these project-specific Construction PTM products and services that are timely, accurate, insightful:

  • Project Planning: We pioneered the field of Strategic Project Planning, by formalizing the processes of Feasibility Planning, Optimization Planning, Consensus Planning, and Commitment Planning.
  • Project Scheduling: We offer a full range of products and services spanning Schedule Design, Schedule Development, Schedule Maintenance, and Schedule Usage.
  • Change Management: We do more than just produce Time Impact Analyses (“TIAs”). We have developed unique ways to continuously monitor for time-impacting changes in scope or conditions, which we then analyze, quantify, and unequivocally explain.
  • Dispute Resolution: We will stack up our construction claims services against the biggest, best, and most successful construction claims consultants in the business.
  • Bottom Line Reduction Programs: Designed to spare the Contractor’s Project Budget, we offer SLIDE Squad, LAND Support, Scheduler’s Lifeline, and PM Overwatch.

ICS-Scheduling offers a range of support options, suitable for any project management need, including Staff Augmentation, Project Direct Support Services, and various Bottom Line Protection Programs (e.g., SLIDE, LAND, Scheduler’s Lifeline, PM Overwatch).

ICS-Consulting provides guidance and assistance to its Owner, Contractor, Design Professional, Surety, and Construction Manager clients in development or improvement of their in-house Construction Project Time Management capabilities. We accomplish this through a variety of programs.

  • Scheduling Specifications Writing: Scheduling Specifications are only effective if they are tailored to both the Project Scope as well as the Project Execution Strategy.
  • DAWN: ICS-Research has developed the Disruptive Adverse Weather Neutralizer, a unique methodology that dismisses excessive Adverse Weather as a factor in Adverse Weather Management.
  • Project Performance Assessments: We are sometimes retained to determine why a given project is struggling to meet cost, quality, safety, or temporal goals.
  • Project Surveillance: Far less frequently, we may be retained to go undercover in order to determine why project management reports don’t square with ultimate project achievement.
  • Construction PTM Stand-Up: Most often, we are retained to guide in the creation of a new CPTM operation.
  • Construction PTM Process Improvement: Many times, we are retained to help a client improve its ongoing Construction PTM program.
  • Construction Technical Proposal Support: Often, bidders are asked to describe their Project Execution Strategy as part of their Technical Volume. We offer an affordable service to provide the PTM component.

ICS-Automation is exclusively responsible for development and production of proprietary software programs which computerize various ICS-Research solutions to disruptive Construction PTM challenges. Of special note, ICS-Automation is the technical incubator for a number of state-of-the-art software programs that are destined to dramatically and permanently change the way that Construction Project Time Management is performed in North America.

  • AWSim: Disruptive Adverse Weather Neutralizer is a methodology from the ICS-Research Think Tank. This methodology will simplify the processes of accounting for Adverse Weather and automatically adjusting contractual deadlines within the Project Schedule. While DAWN can be administered manually, ICS-Automation is developing a software application, called AWSim, which will automate major aspects of the methodology. AWsim stands for Adverse Weather Simplified.
  • SchedSpec: This proprietary software will draft a customized Scheduling Specification for each unique project, based on answers to a series of structured online questions..
  • Project Navigator: We are excited about the anticipated launch of Project Launch, proprietary software that will provide the construction industry with a robust yet simplified Scheduling Software alternative.
  • Project PlotR: Built into Project Navigator, Project PlotR is an automated graphics component that facilitates the integration of Schedule Logic during Schedule Development and subsequent Schedule Maintenance/Usage.
  • ICS-Scorekeeper: This proprietary software will automate an ICS-Research methodology that yields scores and reports Schedule Content and Schedule Process performance values on a consistent and comparable basis.