What ICS-GlobalStaff Is All About

ICS-GlobalStaff is a free service that matches piecemeal short-term assignments with interested freelancers. Note: ICS Global does not vouch for any GlobalStaffer’s character for the quality of their work products. ICS GlobalStaff is strictly just a free matching service.

Why ICS-GlobalStaff Was Created

From time to time, Construction PTM practitioners may be interested in picking up a few dollars doing freelance Planning or Scheduling work. Perhaps they are full‑time employees with available time on weekends or nights to lend their assistance. Or, perhaps they are scheduling students wishing to get some hands‑on experience on real Project Schedules with real Construction PTM professionals.

Whom ICS-GlobalStaff Is Intended to Serve

Since ICS-GlobalStaff is a matching service, there are two obvious customer groups:

  • Those With Talent, Time, Energy, and Desire: Anyone with a marketable amount of Construction PTM experience — no matter the level of qualification – who seeks temporary work assignments, for pay, would be interested in ICS-GlobalStaff. This group includes Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Planners/Schedulers, or Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Construction PTM practitioners.
  • Those Needing Temporary Technical Help: Anyone with an ongoing or upcoming Scheduling projects that needs technical assistance from qualified Construction PTM practitioners will want to register with the ICS-GlobalStaff program. This group would include ICS-Network Affiliates and ICS-Leaguers. It might also include ICS-Institute students wishing to clock some billable hours as they learn.

How ICS-GlobalStaff Is Organized and Functions

The starting point for access to the ICS-GlobalStaff program, as either provider or consumer, is to register with ICS-GlobalStaff. Once registered, assigned login information will grant the user passage through a member portal.

  • CognetICS: ICS-GlobalStaff offers CognetICS, a fee-based hand-holding service that guides individual Construction PTM practitioners who wish to start their own Scheduling Consultancies. It provides all the advantages of a franchise, without the hefty fees.
  • Freelancer Directory: The Freelancer Directory is a service that matches piecemeal short-term assignments with interested freelancers.