Construction Project Time Management requires the practical application of selected PTM principles, concepts, processes, tools, and personnel to real world construction conditions and needs. ICS‑Scheducation is the business group within ICSGlobal that helps Owners, Contractors, and Consultants learn how to effectively maximize the use of time on construction projects.

ICS-Scheducation’s Contribution to Construction Project Time Management

Companies and individuals that want to learn more about Construction Project Time Management have two obust options for such learning. The ICS-Institute is the first school in North America dedicated exclusively to Construction Project Time Management. It offers an array of pre-developed academic programs designed for Owners, Contractors, Consultants, and Construction PTM practitioners. By contrast, ICS‑Training provides the North American Construction Industry with trustworthy content for Construction Project Time Management training and education.

ICS-Scheducation’s Operational Divisions

ICS-Scheducation provides two resources for Construction PTM education — either per-project and Multi-Project/Corporate. We created ICS-Scheduling to handle per-project support services. ICS-Consulting attends to multi-project or corporate needs for guidance and support in developing better Construction PTM in-house.

ICS-Publications is a literary clearinghouse for reliable, current, and practical literature on Construction Project Time Management topics. It promotes, recommends, and publishes a wide variety of educational, instructional, and informational materials.

  • Books: Academic texts written by ICS-Researchers or by others outside of ICS-Global whose works we highly recommend.
  • White Papers: A growing list of seminal papers penned by ICS-Research.
  • Blogs: Scores of blogs provided through two robust blogsites; one for Construction PTM specifically, and the other for PTM in general.
  • Games: Learning should be fun. Test your knowledge of the Critical Path Method with a round of Schedoku.
  • Audio/Video: We offer numerous multimedia offerings related to Construction Project Time Management.

The ICS-Institute for Construction Project Time Management Studies provides high quality, relevant, cutting-edge, convenient, and affordable self-learning options, including coursework, seminars, videos, and more. All educational offerings are pre-developed for the construction industry, ready for off-the-shelf access through the ICS-Store.

All coursework is all online, self-paced, self-directed, and instructor led. Academic programs leading to a Certificate of Completion require coursework be followed by a paid internship.

Packaged coursework with a target audience in mind include:

  • CAST: Construction Apprentice Scheduler Training
  • MAST: Manager Applied Scheduling Training
  • VAST: Veteran Apprentice Scheduler Training
  • SERVE: Sponsor‑Employed Returning Vet Education
  • vTRADE: Veterans Employment and Training Support

ICS-Training provides customized, made-to-order Construction PTM training programs. Most often, these are presented at the client’s facility, in person, or via web-based training.

We also offer our popular Straight Talk Series that pulls the curtain back on Construction Project Time Mismanagement.

  • Straight Talk for Owners
  • Straight Talk for Project Managers
  • Straight Talk for Scheduling Apprentices
  • Straight Talk for Journeyman Schedulers
  • Straight Talk for Master Schedulers

The ICS-eCademy is a virtual learning environment that hosts coursework, tutorials, structured exams, and such for all ICS-Global entities, including ICS-Institute, ICS-Training, and ICS-Publications. Within the ICS-eCademy, students and instructors can easily interact in a members-only environment.

Powered by TalentLMS™, a world-class Learning Management System, the ICS-eCademy supports programs by:

  • ICS-Institute: All ICS-Institute courses
  • ICS-Training: All online training provided through ICS-Training
  • ICS-Placement: All ICS-Placement exams