Praise from Our Most Respected Colleagues

There is a good reason why ICS-Global enjoys such a deep and enduring reputation within the broader Construction Project Time Management community in North America. We are one of them!

Too many providers of Construction PTM products and services are simply outsiders.

  • Most headhunters service hundreds of industries, Construction being but one. And their understanding of Project Management β€” let alone Project Time Management β€” is fairly distant.
  • Likewise, surprisingly few Claims Consultants have more than a cursory exposure to life as a Construction Planner or Scheduler.
  • And when it comes to Trainers, their depth of knowledge comes a Train the Trainer course they took just before stepping in front of a seminar audience.

ICS-Global staff is filled with seasoned Project Time Management professionals with diverse and extensive experience in all facets of Construction Management and Project Management. In our professional careers we live and breathe Project Time Management. It is our love.

It is also our shared passion β€”to give back to a discipline that has been so generous to us. We are in this to share the love, not turn a profit.

As it turns out, this attitude of mentoring, sharing, and supporting others has unwittingly become a great business strategy. Our clients and professional colleagues are exceptionally loyal to us. But anyone can brag about themselves. Hear what others have to say about us.