Introducing ICS-LEAGUE

What ICS-League Is All About

ICS-League is a free bulletin board listing of small, independent Scheduling Consultants. Through this service, established Scheduling companies can list themselves on a bulletin board. With the increasing popularity of ICS-Global, it is expected that more and more Scheduling Managers will turn to ICS-League (versus a Google search) to find qualified Scheduling Consultants.

However, just as with ICS-GlobalStaff, ICS-League does not vouch for the independent consultant or their work quality. Consultants listed with ICS‑League have not been vetted by ICS‑Global; ICS-League is just an available listing service.

Why ICS-League Was Created

From time to time, Construction PTM practitioners may be interested in picking up a few dollars doing freelance Planning or Scheduling work. Perhaps they are full‑time employees with available time on weekends or nights to lend their assistance. Or, perhaps they are scheduling students wishing to get some hands‑on experience on real Project Schedules with real Construction PTM professionals.

Whom ICS-League Is Intended to Serve

The continent is filled with independent Construction Scheduling Consultants. The great number of these are small shops, with one to three employees. For these individuals, marketing is constant battle.

Once they secure two or three key clients, their plate is full, and they slack off marketing. Then one of the clients drops away, and the Scheduling Consultant is desperate to find a replacement client. ICS-League could provide the needed assistance.

By listing with ICS-League, the Scheduling Consultant is visible to a continental audience of Construction PTM consumers. On the flipside, for those in need of a qualified Scheduling Consultant, as an alternative to the Yellow Pages (or a Google search), ICS-League provides a convenient virtual hiring hall.

How ICS-League Is Organized and Functions

Getting listed on the ICS-League landing page is fairly straight-forward. A Scheduling Consultant requests a League Application package, completes the forms, provides the references, and pays a nominal fee. Once ICS-League reviews and approves the application the Scheduling Consultant becomes an ICS-Leaguer is sent an API to upload to its website, indicating that it is “a proud member of the ICS-League of Independent Scheduling Consultants.” Once the membership icon has been added to the ICS-Leaguer’s website, a corresponding listing on the ICS-League landing page is posted.