Introducing ICS-FINANCE

What ICS-Finance Is All About

ICS-Finance provides opportunities for investors and philanthropists to support the growth of Construction PTM in North America. ICS-Finance oversees various monetary programs established to fund aspects of Operational Divisions. Such monetary programs have one of two objectives:

  • Investment: Allows investors to support the growth of the Construction Project Time Management community by providing capitalization for certain interest-yielding programs.
  • Philanthropy: Allows benefactors to contribute financially to various academic and research programs. Contributions are not refunded; nor are they interest-yielding.

Why ICS-Finance Was Created

ICS-Research has done much good work over the last fifteen years, and it has much more still to do. Its discoveries and innovations have already altered the landscape of Construction Project Time Management, to be sure.

However, those advancements have a limited extent of influence, confined mainly to ICS-Global programs and initiatives. Even when ICS-Research conducts a formal study of its own, such findings can never achieve the credibility of an academic research project, conducted at an accredited university.

We wish to encourage academia to take up formal research on topics for which IC-Research has done substantive groundwork. To accomplish this, we need to provide Research Grants. This is one place where benefactors come into the picture.

Another area where corporate or individual contributions would make a big difference is helping ICS-Institute students who require financial assistance. This can be accomplished through interest-bearing loans to be paid back once employed, or through Need-Based Scholarships that do not require repayment.

Finally, abiding by the old saying, “it takes money to make money,” we thought it might be prudent to provide ways for investors to actually earn a return on investments in various ICS-Global programs. Currently, one program that fits this category is the Invoice Buyout program, an optional offering of ICS-Network to its Network Affiliates.

Whom ICS-Finance Is Intended to Serve

ICS-Finance provides opportunities for investors and philanthropists to support the growth of Construction PTM in North America. Logically then, its intended constituency are those who either provide or receive funding through ICS-Finance.

  • Funding Providers: In this group are either investors seeking a profit, or benefactors wishing to be philanthropic.
  • Funding Receivers: In this group are colleges and universities that seek research grants, as well as ICS-Institute students who seek financial assistance with tuition costs.

How ICS-Finance Is Organized and Functions

To date, the following programs are in development:

  • Research Grants: ICS-Research will establish a Research Study project, for which it will invite academics to apply for a grant.ICS-Finance will oversee the financial aspect of the Research Grant, whereas ICS-Research will handle the qualitative aspects.
  • Tuition Scholarships: ICS-Finance will operate a tuition scholarship program that offers monetary gifts to ICS-Institute students on as an-needed basis. Need-Based Scholarships have a maximum contribution rate of 20%, per course or academic program.
  • Tuition Loans: ICS-Finance will operate a self-replenishing Tuition Lending program, the initial seed money of which is provided by outside investors and/or benefactors. Recipients are students of ICS-Institute coursework, and loans are issued only for tuition and books. Repayment, with interest, is required after the student has completed its coursework and obtained gainful employment for a minimum six-month period, or after one year following receipt of loan proceeds, whichever comes first.
  • Invoice Buyout: A benefit service of the ICS-Network, made available to Network Affiliates for a fee, is the ability to have their client invoices bought out by ICS-Finance. Under this program, the Network Affiliate agrees to accept 95% of its client invoice as “full and final payment” for services rendered under that invoice. ICS-Finance will then “chase payment” from the client, receiving 100% of the invoice amount.
  • Angel Investing: The administrative fee, payable to ICS-Finance under the Invoice Buyout Program, is therefore 5%. ICS-Finance will expend 60% of the 5% (or 3% of the invoice amount) as a debt service to an investor, and retain the other 40% (or 2% of the invoice amount) as profit for ICS-Network. Since most invoices are paid within 90-days, it is expected that an investor’s investment can be flipped four times in one year. This should yield an annual rate of return of 12%.