What ICS-Publications Is All About

ICS-Publications is a literary clearinghouse for reliable, current, and practical literature on Construction Project Time Management topics. It promotes, recommends, and publishes a wide variety of educational, instructional, and informational materials from print to audio/video to digital. ICS-Publications will provide you the finest collection of trustworthy educational materials covering the Construction PTM subjects because all of its content has been reviewed, approved, and curated by ICS-Research. Bottom Line: we vouch for everything we publish or promote.

Why ICS-Publications Was Created

It all starts with knowledge. Working backwards — before they become seasoned Construction PTM professionals, they are first Junior Practitioners. Before that they are students of the discipline. Where do they learn the ideologies, methodologies, and technologies? Either learn from formal texts or, far more often, through osmosis on the job.

But have you taken a comprehensive look across the various academic works that are out there? We have — and we were utterly blown away by the overall poor quality of what is available to students wanting to learn how to be a begin or improve as a Construction PTM practitioner (aka, planner or scheduler).

We discovered that the vast majority of available materials contain outdated, confusing, or simply incorrect information. Of the much smaller percent of good books, we still found inconsistencies from one text to the next. Our hearts go out to the overwhelmed student who is left to decipher between conflicting instructions. It became immediately clear to us that there was no qualified, singular clearinghouse for educational materials for Construction PTM. No one was validating what was ending up in print, audio, video, or digital formats.

Whom ICS-Publications Is Intended to Serve

Construction Project Time Management is central to effective Construction Project Management itself. Both consumers and providers of Construction PTM products and services would have an inherent interest in learning more about from every angle.

  • Consumers: This group would include Owners, Construction Managers, Owner’s Representatives, sureties, attorneys, and any others who secure Construction PTM products or services.
  • Let the buyer beware! This advice has transcended centuries for good reason. If you obtain and rely upon faulty information thinking it is correct, the consequences could be catastrophic – to your projects and to your sponsoring organization. Educating yourself about Construction PTM topics makes you an informed consumer.
  • Providers: This group obviously includes both practitioners and consultants who offer planning, scheduling, claims Project Controls, and other related Construction PTM products and services.
  • But it also includes Project Managers, Superintendents, contract managers, estimators, or anyone else on the Project Team tasked with creating, maintaining, or using the Project Schedule.

How ICS-Publications Is Organized and Functions

ICS-Publications is proud to offer the following:

  • Books: We are publisher of CPM Mechanics and Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling.
  • White Papers: We publish academic papers penned by ICS-Research.
  • Blogs: Wehost two robust blogsites. Thinking Outside the (Activity) Box addresses Project Time Management across all applicable industries, whereas IT’s About T.I.M.E. covers Construction Project Time Management specifically.
  • Games: Learning should be fun. Test your (or an employee’s?) knowledge of the Critical Path Method with a round of Schedoku.
  • Audio/Video: Here you will find multimedia offerings related to Construction Project Time Management.