CPM Mechanics, the Book


CPM Mechanics, the book, is receiving raving reviews from experts and newbies, alike. Just consider the lavish praise coming in from the world’s leading authorities on Construction Project Management, as well as from every Construction Project Time Management practitioners..

“The amount of detail exceeds any other textbook, yet is presented clearly without overwhelming the reader.”

— Dr. Gunnar Lucko, Author
The Catholic University of America

“Murray’s course won’t help you change a tire or fix a fan belt but it will help you understand and fix broken schedules, and more importantly help you avoid getting into trouble in the first place!”

— Pat Weaver, Trainer/Consultant
Mosaic Projects Blogger

“Great Book! You hit a home run with this one.”

— Kurt Voytell, Project Controls Supervisor
Shaw Group

“I had I read your book and was blown away.”

— Gary Cummins, Project Coordinator
Lane Community College

“I have the book as a reference by my desk and refer to it on a regular basis. Your observations and definition are consistent with my experiences for the past 30 years.”

— Thomas Congleton, Director of Project Controls
GE Electric

“It was a good decision to get the book. You have put significant effort and knowledge that will be valuable for my scheduling classes.”

— Dr. Ahmed Aziz, Professor
University of Washington

CPM Mechanics is extremely helpful and will do everything you need.”

— Kevin Cranford, Scheduling Consultant
Project CPM

“I have just devoured the CPM Mechanics. I love it! I am going to use and sell CPM Mechanics for real.”

— Mark Smolinski, Scheduler

“This was a really interesting and informative read. I know I will have to reread it all to better and fully comprehend all the information that is packed in one chapter.”

— Connie Bremer, Senior Scheduler

“I have read Murray’s book and it is one of the best books in the market for planning and scheduling.”

— Ayman Assal, Founder
Assal Management Consultancy

“I have seen books about this topic that only scratch the surface of the iceberg. Chapter 5 is way down to the bottom of the seabed.”

— Norman Aquino, Senior Scheduler
Canadian Tire

“This book does such a good job building on each subject.”

— Michael Neal, Project Controls Manager
Saiia Construction

“I quickly gained the sense that someone finally cared enough to sort out this confusion and find a way to iron out this mess once and for all.”

— Richard Cammaretta, Scheduler

“You can count me as one of your followers. I agree with you that too many planners do not understand how limited and deceptive their P3 tools are.”

— Charles Fournier, Managing Director
Long International

“Some of your concepts have been rattling around in my head for years.”

— James Terrell, Program Planner
Lockheed Martin

“Finally I found a deep and comprehensive technical manual for scheduling, I have been looking for this for many years.”

— Ismael Munoz Machado, Planner
San Juan, Puerto Rico