Cognitive Project Management


Cognitive Project Management is a project management model designed by ICS-Research specifically for the construction industry. It came about in response to frustration with conventional Project Management literature that subscribes to the flawed notion that one size fits all. Early on, ICS-Research discovered that project management is radically different from one industry to the next, and that there did not exist a Project Management Model tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of Construction Project Management.

While still in its early stages of development, Cognitive Project Management is already turning heads. Just consider the following comments:

“Momentum Management may well be the most practical and straight-forward concept devised to date.”

— Mike Hopkins, Vice President

“None of the Architects, Engineers, or other related disciplines that I have ever talked to or worked with, have ever proposed this type of system/management. Fantastic advice!”

— William Ray, Operations Manager
Tulsa, OK

“BRAVO!!! These are the real nuts & bolts of scheduling!”

— Steve Noonan, Civil Engineer
FNW Engineers

“Breaking down the processes further into more distinct and manageable parts. Like a roadmap.”

— Judy Miao, Proactive Change Manager
Pompton Plains, NJ

“The focus is on effective use of time by Project Execution Team and without which it is impossible to achieve effective project execution.”

— Vamsi Chand Gollapinni, Project Controls Manager
Newest Alliance

“The topic of the three uses of CPM Scheduling is clear to me. It ties nicely back into the discussion on the provider/consumer concept with the CPM schedule itself serving as the foundation.”

— Richard Cammaretta, Scheduler

“The Cognitive T.I.M.E.  Framework explains perfectly the fractal nature of project management. This is essential reading for people serious about Project Management.”

— Morris Bellangrande, Operations Manager
Lisbon, Portugal