Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling


“Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling” was the first book written by Murray Woolf. Published by McGraw-Hill Publications in 2006, this literary work shook the very foundations of traditional Construction Project Management by daring to boldly challenging deeply-held beliefs that, under closer scrutiny, simply did not hold up. Catapulted by this book into the global limelight, Murray was invited to deliver the Keynote Address at the 2006 Annual Conference of the College of Scheduling, an arm of the Project Management Institute.  Here are just some of the many accolades given about this ground-breaking work.

“This book is in my opinion “the real thing.” Full of ideas and concepts that are interesting and refreshing to me, a 44-year scheduler veteran, and I would suggest that it is an equally good set of guidelines for the ‘rookies’.”

— James J. O’Brien, Author
CPM in Construction Management

“Murray’s book, “Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling,” is a seminal work which will shape this industry for generations to come.”

— Keith Pickavance, Senior Vice President
Hill International

“It’s the book I turn to when I want to know the “right” way to assemble and manage a schedule as well as the reasoning behind that practice.”

— David Kaiser, President
Schedule Associates

“I would recommend this book to all of the classes that I teach.”

— Jeff Huneycutt, Planning/Scheduling Director
U.S. Amy Corps of Engineers

“This is by far the most interesting and comprehensive book I’ve ever read on project scheduling.”

— Nathan Zonneveld, Planner/Scheduler
London, England

“Usually, a scheduling book is something that one looks at once or twice or leaves on a reference shelf to collect dust. With this book I was shocked that I read and enjoyed the whole thing.”

— Jake Keenan, Construction Scheduler